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About GF Handyman Services

Hi folks!

I’m Scott McNamee, your local (Grand Forks, ND) handyman.

Born and (mostly) raised here in Grand Forks.
Husband of one lovely wife and dad to 4 adorable children.

I’m the guy you meet who is a “jack of all trades”.

I suppose I’m driven by ‘curiosity’, which most handymen are:

“THIS isn’t working like it should…WHY isn’t it?”

I’ve read through the common complaints that people had with handymen in Grand Forks and I hope to be different.

I realize that sometimes I need to “learn on the job” but that shouldn’t be on your dime. (Unless you want to, then my wife and family are up for that!)

I’ve always been curious about “how things work” since grade school in the early 70’s.

I’m the guy who takes pleasure reading technical manuals…blueprints…instructions.

During the flood of ’97, my whole house was practically destroyed. I already knew about electrical work (I studied electrical engineering at UND), but plumbing and HVAC and drywall and studs…and gas lines…wow…it was difficult.

So I studied.

I remodeled/rebuilt the house. It took months, but I did it with my wife.

I learned valuable lessons about working with city inspectors, shortcuts I should NOT take…all kinds of things.

Fast forward 20+ years…

I cannot launch a spaceship into outer space (though it seems intriguing), but I CAN fix a broken dishwasher.

Or install a new water heater.

Or FIX a broken water heater.

I can install electrical outlets, ceiling fans, wire your house for WiFi…well…see my services page for a list of services I can provide.

If I don’t think I have the ability to solve your problem, I likely know who can, and we can work out a plan going forward.

Selling your house in Grand Forks?

And I am an expert (not a jack of all trades) with landscaping for your house and yard.

I adore plants, both annuals and perennials, and I can tell you the difference between a New Guinea Impatien and a nominal Impatien (either single or double!)

If you are getting your house ready to sell, I’m the guy you want to help you.

I can look at it’s ‘curb appeal’ and recommend ideas.

Call me!

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